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Universal Consent & Preference Management

Optimize your Customer Engagement through effective Preference Management

Improve customer engagement and unlock new opportunities to increase conversion rates through effective preference management. By actively collecting and consolidating zero-party data, consents, and customer preferences, you can achieve tailored personalization. The smart combination of complying with privacy regulations and strategically leveraging voluntary data maximizes customer engagement and satisfaction.

Checki 1  Deliver a personalized journey and create unique customer experiences

Checki 1  Increase your conversion rate by communicating in a targeted manner based on detailed customer preferences

Checki 1  Build strong relationships with your customers through increased levels of trust and transparency

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Where trust meets personalization and customers choose their communication channels

Understanding Preference Management

Where trust meets personalization and customers choose their communication channels

Think of Preference Management as a centralized preference center that serves as a comprehensive database to effectively manage user preferences. Users can specify their marketing and contact preferences, such as the frequency and type of communication. As a result, they are actively in control of their interactions with a company, thereby building trust and confidence. Preference management provides a win-win situation for all parties involved. Companies can be more personalized and targeted in their communications, such as emails, newsletters, and offers. At the same time, users are empowered to choose when and what they want to be informed about, resulting in a feeling of being understood.

Optimize User Engagement through Interactive Interfaces and Personalized Content Strategies across All Touchpoints

The Customer at the Center

Optimize User Engagement through Interactive Interfaces and Personalized Content Strategies across All Touchpoints

Customers prefer personalized interactions. Create customized, dynamic interfaces that encourage customers to enter information throughout their visit. By progressively building and enriching user profiles, you can deliver more personalized content and keep customers engaged. Give your customers insight into their personal information and fulfill their preferences across all touchpoints for a consistently personalized and satisfying experience.

Advantages of preference management:

higher opt-in rate
higher opt-in rate
lower unsubscribe rate
lower unsubscribe rate
higher Customer Lifetime Value
higher Customer Lifetime Value
lower customer acquisition costs
lower customer acquisition costs
Usercentrics PMP combines permissions and preferences

Preference Manager by Usercentrics

Usercentrics PMP combines permissions and preferences

Usercentrics' Preference Manager offers a comprehensive solution for managing customer data and preferences. As a certified Premium & Expert Partner of Usercentrics, we ensure the seamless integration of this software into your existing technology stacks. You benefit from a central database that can be easily connected to your preferred marketing tools and other systems. In addition to ensuring optimal configuration of your systems, we also guarantee strict adherence to all relevant data protection requirements. Make your data management efficient and compliant with our services.

Benefits of the Usercentrics PMP:

  • Granular visibility into customer preferences and approvals
  • Centralized, intuitive dashboard with multi-user access for comprehensive, cross-functional control
  • Exportable data for easy integration with existing systems and processes
  • Flexible, bi-directional integration via REST APIs
  • Seamless combination of CMP & PMP


Use consent strategically to gain a competitive advantage and streamline your marketing processes

Optimize your marketing strategy by using zero-party data to gain deep insights into your users' behavior and preferences. Think of consent not just as a necessary measure to comply with privacy regulations. Think of it as an opportunity to improve your opt-in/opt-out processes and generate valuable competitive advantage. Simplify your processes by managing permissions and preferences from a single, unified interface.

Features of the Preference Management Software:

Advanced data collection and analysis

Collect accurate data and learn what your customers really want

By using preference management software, you will not only be able to collect non-partisan data from your customers, but you will also benefit from a number of advantages. On the one hand, you get accurate data that you can use for targeted marketing. On the other hand, preference management ensures the highest standards of data protection by consistently adhering to opt-out and opt-in policies.
Targeted Personalization

Use targeted personalization to increase customer loyalty and revenue

With preference management software, you can set individual preferences that are optimized for your target audience. Because every customer has unique preferences, you can collect exactly the data you need to deliver the most personalized experience possible.
Benefit: Delivering tailored experiences increases customer loyalty and satisfaction. This leads to higher conversion rates and increased revenue.
Easy Segmentation

Use targeted segmentation to optimize your marketing campaigns

With preference management software, you can easily segment your customers into specific groups based on their individual preferences to deliver targeted and relevant content/campaigns.
Benefit: Effective segmentation significantly increases the relevance of marketing campaigns, reduces wastage, and increases marketing response rates.
Use consent strategically to gain a competitive advantage and streamline your marketing processes
Centralized preference management and Increase efficiency through seamless data integration

Centralize & Connect

Centralized preference management and Increase efficiency through seamless data integration

Centralize everything in one place. Preference Management software consolidates all customer data and preferences into a single platform. This centralization allows companies to maintain control and manage their data more efficiently. Gone are the days of manual connections between tools and dealing with opaque IT infrastructure. Instead, the software enables seamless synchronization of customer preferences across channels and tools. This not only improves data consistency, but also enhances the user experience by ensuring that customer interactions across all touchpoints are personalized and relevant. Organizations benefit from simplified and efficient data integration, enabling them to quickly respond to and effectively manage changes in customer preferences.

The perfect symbiosis: Privacy meets customer experience

Consent Management & Preference Management

The perfect symbiosis: Privacy meets customer experience

Today, organizations must be in compliance with strict data privacy regulations while at the same time developing a deep understanding of their customers to ensure a superior user experience. As customer privacy concerns grow, the legal and technical frameworks for managing and using data also evolve. Usercentrics is at the forefront of data protection with its consent management platform (CMP) and preference management. With the combination of these two systems, organizations have access to valuable insights that would not have been possible without this integration. By implementing and configuring both within your technology stack, we enable modern targeting, improve conversion rates and enhance your customer experience.

Our services for seamless integration

Current State Analysis

Current State Analysis: The foundation for targeted preference management

It is essential to understand the current state before implementing effective preference management. In this phase, we carefully analyze your existing systems and processes for data collection and management. We identify areas for improvement and determine which aspects of your privacy practices and customer interaction strategies can be optimized. This in-depth analysis provides a solid foundation for a customized preference management solution.

Configuration: Customized solutions for your company

Configuration: Customized solutions for your company

Based on the current state analysis, we develop a configuration for preference management that is specific to your organization. During the configuration phase, we design the user interface and define the functionality to make it easy for your customers to manage their preferences. We ensure that the solution is not only user friendly, but also complies with all regulatory requirements and supports your business objectives.

Implementation: Integration and Commissioning

Implementation: Integration and Commissioning

The final phase of the process is the implementation of the configured solution. Here we seamlessly integrate the preference management system into your existing IT structures. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption. After implementation, we conduct extensive testing to verify the functionality and effectiveness of the system. Finally, we train your team on how to use the new system, ensuring that you realize the full potential of your new preference management solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Preference Management and Consent Management?

A preference management platform optimizes the user experience by tailoring communications, offers, and other interactions to users' specific preferences. This fosters customer loyalty and increases user satisfaction, which can lead to higher conversion rates. Consent management, on the other hand, involves obtaining user consent for the use of third-party cookies and trackers that collect and process users' personal information online.

Can I integrate data from Consent Management and Preference Management?

By using both Consent Management and Preference Management solutions simultaneously, you can integrate user data into a central preference management portal. This creates a single hub where users have a comprehensive view and access to their consents and preferences, giving them full control over their data. To comply with regulatory requirements, users of the Usercentrics system need to integrate their preference management portal with their existing systems by consolidating data sets. This promotes transparency, user control and privacy compliance.

Can Preference Management be deployed across multiple technology platforms?

Yes, Preference Management solutions are designed to be deployed across multiple technology platforms. This allows for consistent collection and management of user preferences across websites, mobile applications, and other digital interfaces.

What is the value of combining Consent Management and Preference Management?

The combination of Consent Management and Preference Management provides organizations with a comprehensive solution for efficient data management and privacy compliance. Users benefit from centralized control of their data preferences and privacy settings, which improves the user experience, builds trust, and increases transparency. Businesses benefit by simplifying complex data management processes, ensuring data privacy compliance, and developing targeted marketing strategies. By taking user preferences seriously, companies can reduce the risk of data breaches while increasing customer loyalty by making customers feel valued and encouraging long-term relationships.

Is preference management really that effective?

Preference management software offers many benefits to companies by enabling personalized customer experiences and improving data handling.

By understanding individual customer preferences, companies can offer customized services that go beyond generic approaches and reach even smaller customer segments. These systems store data securely and scalably, allow for easy data maintenance, and integrate with other systems.

Customers can manage and update their own data, improving accuracy and reducing the workload on companies. Customers have become more aware of and expect more from the use of their data, and they expect companies to use this information to precisely tailor communication channels and offers. More channels of communication between customers and brands also provide the opportunity to increase customer loyalty through consistent and relevant communication, while achieving the highest ROI.