Your Optimization is Our Concern

DWC helps companies develop tailor-made strategies in the areas of Consent Management, Digital Analytics, and Strategic Consulting based on the latest standards, to provide you with optimal solutions.

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Your Concern is Our Ambition

As a leading consulting firm in the field of data protection and server-side tracking, we understand the invaluable value of personal data and commit to handling it with the utmost care and expertise. We firmly believe in the balance between data protection and digital innovations and see ourselves as mediators both between companies and their target groups, as well as between internal IT, marketing, and data protection departments. As part of our mission, we rely on transparent methods and always work in the best interest of our customers and their users. We approach each of our projects with a dynamic, forward-thinking mindset and are always striving to meet the most advanced standards of our industry. We focus on long-term partnerships rather than short-term business relationships. Our goal is to accompany our customers on their journey into the digital future, making their challenges our own, and growing together.

DWC combines Data Protection and Tracking

DWC combines Data Protection and Tracking

Expertise is highly valued at dwc and stands for solid knowledge and experience in the implementation, configuration, and optimization of individual tracking solutions while simultaneously complying with data protection regulations beyond national borders. Our interdisciplinary team of experts successfully optimized over 400 projects in more than 25 countries and various industries. We are always striving to integrate the latest trends and developments into our practice to provide you with tailor-made and future-oriented consultations.

Your Success is Our Goal
Customer Orientation

Your Success is Our Goal

Customer focus is one of the fundamental values upon which dwc is built. This means that every customer is viewed as a partner whose interests and goals are at the forefront of all the company's services and solutions. We understand that each company is unique and has individual requirements and challenges. Therefore, we carefully adjust our strategies and approaches to the specific needs of each customer, rather than offering universal solutions. Our promise of customer focus also means that we not only concentrate on the here and now but also keep an eye on the long-term development of our customers. We commit to helping our customers achieve their goals and pave the way for sustainable success.

Consistency and Trust in Our Business Relationships

Consistency and Trust in Our Business Relationships

Integrity is the foundation for trusting business relationships. Our promise of values ensures that all decisions and actions are in line with laws, ethical standards, and best practices. We communicate openly, honestly, and transparently about what we do and why we do it. As your trusted advisor, we put your interests first and protect your sensitive information with the utmost care. We believe that our integrity not only forms the backbone of our business practices, but also enables us to maintain long-term, trusting relationships with our customers.

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