Generate Competitive Advantages through Data Protection

With dwc, transform regulatory limitations imposed by data protection laws into valuable competitive advantages. We support you in implementing, configuring, and optimizing your Consent Management System to unfold your full potential.

Generate Competitive Advantages through Data Protection
Legal Requirements
Consents instead of Fines

Consent Management is mandatory for operators of a website or app due to laws such as GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, LGPD, POPIA, TTDSG, DSG, and others. It is not easy to keep track and comply with all data protection regulations, as ignorance does not protect you from penalties. In the event of a violation, fines of up to 20 million euros or 4% of the previous year's worldwide turnover can be expected.

Ad Revenue
Protect Ad Revenue

Whether you operate an e-commerce shop, a brand website, or an online magazine - a high consent rate is essential for the success of web analytics and online advertising! Without users' consent, neither conversions can be tracked (i.e. the recording of conversions after clicking on an advertisement) nor can advertisements be played out themselves. The quality of web analytics data decreases significantly. The higher the consent rate, the greater the financial advantage over your competition.

User Trust
Transparency for more Trust

Increase the trust of your users by demonstrating a transparent approach in the use of their data. Trust generates acceptance for the use of data, thereby demonstrably increasing the consent rate. The same conclusion was reached in a Harvard study, which found that the consent rate increases by 11% when the handling of their data is shown transparently.

95% of audited Websites are not GDPR compliant

Many of the websites reviewed by DWC do not comply with the GDPR guidelines, thus they are non-compliant with data protection.
Gründe dafür

Weaknesses in the CMP

Almost all of the websites we review contain vulnerabilities in configuration. The reasons for this are diverse. Missing cookies or third parties, the wrong time of consent, insufficient information provided prior to consent, or incorrect texts are some of the most common reasons for warnings and penalties. Likewise, configuration errors can lead not only to legal risks but also to substantial loss of analysis and marketing data.

Various Data Protection Laws

One of the most well-known data protection laws worldwide is the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Depending on the region, other laws must be taken into account - which can come with major differences. Particularly for companies with an international presence, regional peculiarities must be incorporated into the CMP configuration.

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Average Consent Rates:
Protect Ad Revenue

Enhancing the Consent Rate leads to increased Data Availability

The consent rate of a cookie banner determines the amount of data collected. The higher this rate, the more comprehensive the database used for creating analyses. The average consent rate of a CMP can vary significantly between different countries and industries. In Germany, the average consent rate stands at 55-65% (after dwc optimization ~80-90%). In comparison, the average consent rate in the USA lies at 75-85% (after dwc optimization ~95-98%). Utilize our long-standing expertise and our regular audits across diverse industries and countries, to fully exploit the potential of your Consent Management Platform (CMP)!
Benefits of a high Consent Rate:
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Full data control for targeted campaigns
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Optimized data analysis through improved web analytics tool configuration
generate higher consent

Our Services:

consentmanagement setup
Setup or installation of a Consent Management Platform on your website or mobile app, to achieve data protection compliance.
cookie analysis with dwc
Analysis of your website or mobile app for used cookies and third-party services, to get the most out of your CMP.
cookie classification with dwc
Classification of cookies and third-party applications into different categories and risk classes.
opt-in optimization with dwc
Increasing the consent (opt-in) rate through industry best practices and tests, in order to gain a comprehensive data basis for analysis.
consent management audit dwc
Review of your CMP implementation, identification of potential weaknesses, and creation of improvement recommendations.

DWC optimizes Consent Management worldwide

Our mission is to protect our customers worldwide from legal risks and increase the efficiency of your tracking. DWC is already active in more than 25 countries and in 15 different industries. Through our extensive network of data protection experts around the world, we are always up to date in order to optimize your Consent Management Platform.
Companies trust us worldwide
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Usercentrics Premium Partner

Expertise leads to Success

Usercentrics is a world leader in Consent Management Platforms (CMP). The software enables companies to collect, manage, and document user consents on websites and in apps, in order to comply with global data protection laws. DWC is a proud Premium & Expert Partner of Usercentrics and, as part of this partnership, has helped numerous companies implement their CMP, achieving high consent rates while simultaneously increasing user trust. Sustainably boost your success by benefiting from our expertise with Usercentrics.
Our Experience speaks for itself:
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