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We assist companies in developing hybrid data strategies that turn regulatory restrictions imposed by data protection laws into competitive advantages! Regain full data control to optimize your web analytics today.
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who we are

The Collaboration with dwc

DWC is a consultancy firm specializing in the implementation, configuration, and optimization of Consent Management Software (CMP) as well as various web analytics and performance marketing technologies. We also assist you in developing a customized hybrid data strategy to provide 100 % data security and control.
The challenge

Data Protection or Tracking

In light of the introduction of relevant data protection laws such as GDPR or CCPA/CPRA, companies are increasingly faced with the challenge of complying with current data privacy regulations while simultaneously generating a comprehensive data base for marketing purposes through tracking, in order to tap into their full potential.
Our Vision

Combined Data Models for optimized Tracking

We create combined data models that meet legal requirements and still provide you with access to comprehensive data to optimize your tracking. Our cross-functional competence in the areas of IT, data protection law, online marketing, data science and cloud technology offers the perfect foundation for cross-sectoral support.
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Our Services

What dwc can do for You


Setup or installation of a Consent Management Platform on your website or mobile app, to achieve data protection compliance.


Analysis of your website or mobile app for used cookies and third-party services, to get the most out of your CMP.


Classification of cookies and third-party applications into different categories and risk classes.


Increasing the consent (opt-in) rate through industry best practices and tests, in order to gain a comprehensive data basis for analysis.


Review of your CMP implementation, identification of potential weaknesses, and creation of improvement recommendations.


Setup or consultation around server-side tagging/tracking, for example with Google Server Tag Manager or alternative tools, to regain full data control.


Obtain more data for web analysis without the necessity of consent while simultaneously ensuring data protection compliance.

Tag Manager

Implementation of a complex tracking setup with tag management tools, thereby enhancing your tracking capabilities.


Setup or consultation for a hybrid tracking concept by combining various data sources (Data Warehouse / Data Lake).


DWC assists you in the evaluation of large volumes of data and analysis tools, as well as in the creation of reports and dashboards for evaluation, to help you tap into your full potential.

Data Protection Law

Our network of data protection experts advises you on all data protection issues in almost every country in the world.


DWC supports you in implementing the most successful possible consent strategy (CMP, UX, Marketing, etc.).

Hybrid Data

DWC advises you in building a diverse data mix (Data Lake, Data Warehouse) with which you can answer all future questions.


Let us check the data protection measures you have implemented and avoid high fines.


Accelerate your internal procedures for integrating new marketing tools or implementing data protection measures.


DWC implements, configures and optimizes Your Software

DWC supports you in the implementation, configuration, and optimization of all tools in your Marketing Technology Stack, thereby not only safeguarding you against legal risks but also demonstrably improving your data situation.
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Usercentrics Premium Partner Batch

DWC is Usercentrics Expert & Premium Partner

Usercentrics is a worldwide market leader in the field of Consent Management Platforms (CMP). The software enables companies to collect, manage, and document user consents on websites and in apps in order to comply with global data protection regulations. As a Premium Expert Partner of Usercentrics, we support you in the implementation, configuration, and optimization of your CMP software, helping you gain more data through increased consent rates while simultaneously creating transparency to build your customers' trust. Learn more about Consent Management.
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Open-Source CDP with support for all common Data Warehouses / Data Lakes.
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Customer Data Platform prioritizing data connection.
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Our Success

DWC supports Companies worldwide

Our mission is to shield our clients worldwide from legal risks while enhancing the efficiency of your tracking. DWC has already supported over 50 different clients in 400 projects across over 25 countries and in 15 different industries.
Our Experience speaks for itself:
success Story

Düsseldorf Tourism: How the company boosts its GDPR-compliant Google Analytics data by 40%

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Latest blog entry:

Consent management
November 8, 2023

Find out now what you need to know about this new legislation (Digital Service Act - DSA), when it comes into effect, what impact it will have on online services, and how you can protect yourself from legal risks.

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Google Tag Manager DSGVO-konform

Google Tag Manager GDPR-compliant

In this blog post, we want to explain how you can use the Google Tag Manager in a data protection-compliant manner, i.e., in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We will also answer basic questions, such as what this is, why its use and self-hosting are worthwhile, and how it works.

OCTOBER 9, 2022
Google Analytics ohne Einwilligung

Google Analytics without Consent

Google Analytics is probably the most well-known and popular analysis and statistics tool for websites and apps available to companies. However, there are some stumbling blocks when using it. In this article, we explain how it works, the problems and whether it is allowed to use Google Analytics without user's consent.

OCTOBER 9, 2022
"Tag Manager Server Side" - Funktionen, Vorteile und Kosten

"Tag Manager Server Side" - Functionality, Benefits, and Costs

In this blog post, we are dealing with server-side Tag Manager (also called "Tag Manager Server-Side") and in particular with the product available from Google. Among other things, we want to explain what this is, what the functionality of a server-side tag manager looks like, how it works and how it differs from classic tag managers.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2022
serverseitiges Tracking mit GA4

Server-Side Tracking with GA4

Companies are increasingly switching from third-party data to first-party data. What are the reasons behind this? And what could a privacy-first data strategy with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Server-Side Tagging (SST) look like?

Server-side Tracking
February 12, 2023