Future-Proof Digital Analytics

Privacy-focused and future-proof data collection

We assist companies in developing a privacy-focused and future-proof process for data collection. Benefit from a modern technology stack, customized solutions, and server-side tagging.

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The Perfect Tech Stack for Your Requirements

As a platform-independent service provider, we support you in selecting, configuring, and optimizing software that perfectly matches your requirements. Benefit from modern solutions for your marketing technology stack and design your data collection and processing to be future-proof.

Google Marketing Platform

As experts in Google Server Tag Manager, we are the ideal partner for developing a tracking concept using the tools of the Google Marketing Platform (GTM, Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, Campaign Manager, ...).

Open-Source Solutions

Maintain control over your data with open-source solutions in your own private cloud.

Customer Data Platform

Combine your data and benefit from AI-supported analysis, advanced personalization, and a 360° view of each user.

Software Solutions for the Perfect Data Strategy


Maintain control over your data with server-side tagging

Implementing server-side tagging allows you to continue conducting privacy-compliant tracking without cookies in the future, enabling you to collect user data on your website and app. Your benefits include:

  • Sensitive customer data remains under the company's control

  • Improved data quality and data enrichment

  • Circumvention of browser tracking preventions

  • Basic tracking without the need for consent

DWC is a Google Cloud Expert

Cloud Native

Your Partner for Google Cloud

Dive into the world of cloud-native technologies and experience the benefits of a cloud platform tailored flexibly to your needs. We stand by your side and support you in the setup, maintenance, and implementation of your cloud resources on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Düsseldorf Tourism: How the Company increases its Google Analytics data by 40% in compliance with GDPR

Your questions, our answers

Frequently asked Questions

What digital analytics services does DWC offer?

DWC offers a variety of services in the field of digital analytics, including the setup of web analytics, conversion tracking, custom reporting, data integration, and analysis. These services help companies understand their online performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

Why is digital analytics relevant for my business?

Digital analytics provide insights into customer behavior, preferences, and trends, enabling you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your digital marketing strategies, enhance the customer experience, and increase your overall return on investment.

How can digital analytics enhance the performance of your website?

By leveraging a comprehensive database, you can track key performance indicators (KPIs), understand user interactions, and identify bottlenecks on your website. This enables you to make informed changes to improve navigation, content, and usability of the site.

Does DWC support multiple analytics platforms?

Yes, DWC assists you in selecting, implementing, and optimizing various software products from the domains of SaaS, On-Premises, and Open Source.

Can DWC assist with GDPR compliance in digital analytics?

Thanks to our extensive expertise at the intersection of data protection, IT, and marketing, we not only ensure legal security but also make sure that data protection compliance and efficient online marketing are aligned.

How long does it take to integrate a tool?

The precise duration of the project depends on many different factors, including the total number of websites and apps, your monthly traffic, and the number of events you wish to track with a tool.

What should I consider regarding the end of third-party cookies?

The upcoming phase-out of support for third-party cookies represents a significant shift in retargeting and remarketing strategies. However, this challenge can also turn into an opportunity: By using server-side tagging and enhanced matching of customer data, there are possibilities not only to fill the resulting gap but also to generate higher quality data than before.

Is Google Analytics still compliant with data protection laws?

The use of the web analytics tool Google Analytics remains feasible in compliance with data protection regulations. However, for optimal control and partial pseudonymization of collected data, the use of a server tag manager is recommended. This powerful tool allows you to gain greater control over data processing. In this way, you can better protect user privacy while still preserving valuable insights into user behavior and ensuring compliance with applicable data protection laws.

When do I need a Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

A CDP is beneficial for you if you aim to collect and merge customer data from various sources. With the consolidated data, you can engage in automated personalization, generate insights through analytical methods that would otherwise remain hidden, or approach your customers in a more targeted manner.