Google Consent Mode V2

Google consent mode V2 - Deadline by the end of February 2024

For website and app operators mandatory as of March 6th. Secure yourself now against data and revenue loss.

Get Consent Mode V2 set up now

Future-proof tracking

Master the transition to Google Consent Mode V2

  • Allows the collection of essential user data even without consent
  • Provides precise analysis of user interactions despite stricter data protection regulations
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition by presenting data protection as a strength of your brand.
Avoid account suspensions with Google Consent Mode

Avoidance of data loss

Avoid account suspensions from Google Ads & Analytics

If the requirements for Google Consent Mode V2 are not met, Google services for data measurement and analysis, as well as advertising placement services, may no longer be used in the future. Furthermore, non-compliance with Google's new guidelines could result in a suspension of your Google services account.

Services you will no longer be able to use without Google Consent Mode V2:

Remarketing Lists for Google Ads
Customer Match
Google Analytics Audiences
No conversion tracking from the end of 2024

New EU directive requires an upgrade to Google Consent Mode V2

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) of the European Union obliges companies like Google to revise their data collection practices for services such as Google Ads and Google Analytics. It is important that your company responds accordingly and makes the necessary adjustments. Please note that the deadline for implementing these changes is to be met by March 6th.

Conversion modeling with google consent mode

Advantage: Conversion Modeling

Turn restrictions into competitive advantages

Conversion modeling uses artificial intelligence (AI) to gain customer information even when users have declined the setting of cookies or if the cookies are blocked by the user's browser. This process relies on the available data from users who have given their consent for data collection. Through this method, you can gain valuable insights that would otherwise be inaccessible, and effectively use this information for your advertising campaigns.

Your benefits:

Closing data gaps through estimation
Improved performance through targeted advertising campaigns
Increase in ROI through effective allocation of the advertising budget
Data protection-compliant data collection and optimized tracking

We will integrate Google Consent Mode V2 for you

We analyze your infrastructure

We analyze your infrastructure

Before implementation, we analyze your IT infrastructure. This step ensures that all relevant areas are identified that are necessary for the update to Consent Mode version 2.
Optimal integration into your processes

Optimal integration into your processes

We specialize in seamlessly integrating the implementation of Google Consent Mode version 2 into your existing business processes. With our expertise in software and marketing tools, we develop customized solutions that fit your company.
Testing the new implementation

Testing the new implementation

We will simulate various scenarios to verify the reliability and effectiveness of the implemented Google Consent Mode. These tests are crucial to ensure that everything is configured correctly and works smoothly with your existing systems and processes.

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