Google Consent Mode V2

Google Consent Mode Version 2 - Compliance Check

Secure your business against data and revenue loss now with our compliance check to stay compliant.

Have your Google Consent Mode setup reviewed

Legally compliant review

We review the setup of your Google Consent Mode Version 2

  • We identify your specific requirements and objectives, aligning them with Google's requirements

  • Our service includes an in-depth analysis of all technical functionalities, along with cleanup and optimization

  • We will also produce a comprehensive report on the legal and functional compliance of the measures taken, including future recommendations

New EU Directive Requires Upgrade to Google Consent Mode Version 2

The European Union's Digital Markets Act (DMA) requires companies like Google to revise their data collection practices for services such as Google Ads and Google Analytics. It is crucial that your company also responds appropriately and makes the necessary adjustments. Please note that the deadline for implementing these changes is March 6.

Google consent Mode Pflicht für Google Dienste

Prevention of Data Loss

Avoid Account Suspensions from Google Ads & Analytics

Failure to comply with the requirements for Google Consent Mode V2 may result in future restrictions on using Google services for data measurement and analysis, as well as advertising placement services. Non-compliance with Google's new guidelines may also lead to an account suspension.

Services you will no longer be able to use without Google Consent Mode Version 2:

Remarketing lists for Google Ads
Customer match
Google Analytics audiences
No conversion tracking after the end of 2024
Conversion-Modellierung EN-1

Advantage: Conversion Modelling

Experience privacy-compliant tracking without consent

Conversion modeling utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to gather customer information, even when users have declined cookie settings or when cookies are rejected by the user's browser. This method captures non-personal information and merges it with data from consenting users. Through this approach, you can gain valuable insights that would otherwise be inaccessible, effectively utilizing this information for your advertising campaigns.

Your advantages include:

  Closing data gaps by estimation
  Improved performance through targeted advertising campaigns
  Increased ROI through effective allocation of advertising budget
 Compliant data collection and optimized tracking

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