The future of tracking and cookies

Server Side Tagging

Cookie banners, browser tracking preventers and adblockers significantly limit data quality in web analytics and online marketing. Server-side tagging gives you back control over your data.

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Why serverside?

Bypass ITPs
Intelligent-Tracking-Preventions (also called browser tracking preventions) restrict data collection, e.g. by preventing third-party requests to tracker domains or manipulating cookie lifetimes. With SST, these blockings are bypassed.
Tracking without consent
Personal data is not required for every tracking scenario. Sensitive data such as the IP address can be filtered out on the server, making basic tracking possible without consent. Even with Google Analytics.
Privacy first
Personal data can be restricted or filtered as needed before being transferred to third parties. This also makes it possible again to use US services such as Google or Adobe in a way that complies with privacy laws.
With only one call from the browser to the server, data can be transmitted to a large number of vendors simultaneously. This reduces the amount of Javascript in the browser, which leads to improved core web vitals (CWVs) and thus a better SEO ranking.

Cookieless Future

ITPs are no longer a marginal issue, but affect almost 40% of users - and the proportion continues to rise every year. In contrast to the CMP opt-in rate, which falls by an average of 5% every year.
Users with ITP
Av. Consent Rate
These browsers have ITPs enabled per-default::
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