Process Automation and Improvement with dwc in the CMP and Tracking Area

DWC supports you in process automation and improvement, especially in the area of CMP and tracking. With our extensive experience in IT, data protection, marketing, and project management, we combine interface competence that allows you to fully exploit the potential of your team.
Process Automation and Improvement with dwc in the CMP and Tracking Area
Tailored Solutions for Your Success

With our experienced team, we offer you tailor-made solutions for your digital presence, from the initial tracking of your website to long-term hosting and administrative support in the cloud or on-premise. In this respect, DWC offers solutions in the area of CMP, tracking, web development, CI/CD, cloud technology, hosting/administration, and tech support.

Global Data Privacy through Our Expertise

The protection of personal data has gained importance worldwide in recent years. Various data protection laws have been introduced to protect individuals from unauthorized use of their data. DWC is an expert in a variety of data protection laws, including but not limited to GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, LGPD, POPIA, TTDSG, DSG.

Personalized Marketing Strategies for Targeted Marketing

To reach the target audience, appealing web design paired with the right usability is needed. Additionally, A/B tests and behavioral analyses are essential to continuously adapt and optimize marketing. DWC helps you implement an individual marketing strategy.

Optimization of Internal Processes through Agile Project Management

DWC supports the implementation of agile project management. Optimize your internal processes to simultaneously increase efficiency and effectiveness. Whether it's Scrum or Kanban, we bring out the best in your team. Likewise, dwc offers you continuous advisory or support through a dedicated project manager or Scrum Master, so you can focus on what you do best.


Inadequate Processes lead to Data Protection Risks and Reduction in CMP Performance

...due to unnecessary processes within the company as well as in coordination with external parties
Reduce Redundant Expenses
Additional costs due to inefficient approaches, especially through outdated structures
 Reduce Increased Costs
...slowing down all processes due to cumbersome communication paths and involvement of many people
Prevent slowdown of processes
...due to lack of knowledge or the use of third-party tools that are not coordinated
Minimize data protection risks
...due to non-automated and complicated processes, data structures are contradictory and faulty
Simplify complicated processes
Process Optimization

Global Strategic Consultation and Process Optimization with dwc

DWC has made it its mission to provide strategic advice to companies worldwide, enabling them to leverage their full potential. This includes defining IT measures in the field of Strategic Consulting to align software and hardware and thus simplify processes. Process optimization automates operations, thereby sustainably saving costs. This turns lengthy processes into an efficient approach and ensures data protection compliance at the same time. Coordinated processes also create uniformity in companies, which also contributes to reducing lead times.
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Global Strategic Consultation and Process Optimization with dwc
Modern Data Strategy

DWC develops an Individual Data Strategy for You to optimize Your Tracking

DWC creates an Individual Data Strategy for You
Step 1

DWC creates an Individual Data Strategy for You

A good data strategy is tailored to your company's needs and combines your business objectives with the needs of your customers, creating synergy. For this purpose, DWC develops an individual strategy for you, consisting of setting goals, collecting data, processing data, analyzing KPIs, developing a strategy based on this, and then testing it.
step 2

DWC finds the Tools that suit You

For a harmonized data strategy, the right Marketing Technology Stack is required. These are groupings of various technologies that marketers use to optimize their marketing activities. DWC combines customized and competent consulting with the right tools for you and supports you in implementing them.
DWC finds the Tools that suit You
DWC takes care of Your Maintenance, Optimization, and Training
step 3

DWC takes care of Your Maintenance, Optimization, and Training

To ensure your success is lasting, we take care of maintaining your implemented tools and the ongoing optimization of your data strategy. We also train your employees so you can expand your in-house competencies.
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Dwc International

International Data Protection and Tracking Expertise with dwc

With dwc, you gain a partner with the necessary expertise in international data protection law and tracking, plus access to an international network of experts. Our consulting focuses on different data protection laws applicable in individual countries and simultaneously optimizes your tracking. The goal is to align your analyses with specific customer groups to fully exploit the potential of your marketing strategy. Optimize your tracking now.

Our Services:

(International)Data Protection Law
Data Protection Law
Our network of data protection experts advises you on all data protection issues in almost every country in the world.
Consent Strategy
DWC supports you in implementing the most successful possible consent strategy (CMP, UX, Marketing, etc.).
Hybrid Data Mix
Hybrid Data
DWC advises you in building a diverse data mix (Data Lake, Data Warehouse) with which you can answer all future questions.
Compliance Audit
Let us check the data protection measures you have implemented and avoid high fines.
Process Optimization
Accelerate your internal procedures for integrating new marketing tools or implementing data protection measures.